障害・性・世代・言語・国籍など、個性豊かな人たちと一緒に楽しむ芸術祭「True Colors Festival(トゥルーカラーズ フェスティバル)」は、誰もが居心地の良い社会の実現につなげる試みです。


True Colors Festival that brings together a unique group of people of various abilities, gender, language, age, and nationality is an attempt to realize a society where everyone can feel confortable. https://truecolors2020.jp/
This store delivers artist-made t-shirts and other related merchandise produced by the festival.

Regarding proceeds from sales
All proceeds from this store, excluding commissions for consignment sales, will be used to support future diversity-themed art projects and to develop opportunities for artists who explore expression while facing various disabilities or who express in order to become free from prejudices against disabilities, gender, and race.